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10 lines about Guava in English

Short essay on Guava in English ( In 3 Formats )


  1. Guava is a type of fruit found all over the world.
  2. Guava is very tasty and sweet.
  3. The shape of the guava is round, and its color is green and turns yellow when ripe.
  4. Guava tree is of normal and medium height.
  5. The leaves of the guava tree are long and green.
  6. The nutrients present in guava are very beneficial for our bodies.
  7. There are small seeds inside the guava.
  8. Guava originated from West Indies.
  9. Many nutrients are found in guava, but vitamin C is found in abundance in it.
  10. Eating guava increases the immunity of our body.

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  1. Guava is a type of fruit that is very tasty and sweet to eat.
  2. When guava is unripe, it is not sweet and it is hard.
  3. Guava becomes soft and sweet when ripe.
  4. Guava mostly comes in the winter season.
  5. Vitamin C present in guava is very beneficial for our eyes.
  6. Inside the guava, its pulp is white and it contains small seeds.
  7. The pulp of some varieties of guava is red in color.
  8. The country West Indies is considered to be the origin of guava.
  9. The climate of India is quite favorable for the cultivation of guava.
  10. Large guava plantations are available in almost all the states of India.


  1. Guava is one of the most important fruits.
  2. The cultivation of guava was first started in the West Indies.
  3. In today’s time guava is cultivated almost all over the world.
  4. Guava is also cultivated on a large scale in our country India.
  5. Many species of guava are found all over the world.
  6. The nutrients present in guava are very beneficial for us.
  7. Eating guava increases our body’s ability to fight against diseases.
  8. Vitamin C present in guava is very beneficial for our eyes.
  9. Guava is available very cheaply in the cold season because guava cultivation is more in the cold season.
  10. Guava is propagated by its seeds.

10 lines about Guava in English


  1. What is guava called in Hindi?
  2. Guava is called Amrud ( अमरुद ) in Hindi.

  3. From which country did guava originate?
  4. Guava fruit originated from the country of the West Indies.

  5. Which vitamin is mostly found in guava?
  6. Vitamin C is found the most in guava.

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