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Through this article, we are sharing 10 lines on Papaya in English. This post will help those students who are looking for information about Papaya in the English Language.

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10 lines essay on Papaya in English

Short essay on Papaya in English ( In 3 Formats )


  1. Papaya is a simple fruit.
  2. The taste of papaya is sweet.
  3. Papaya is hollow from the inside and there are many grains inside it.
  4. Eating papaya is very beneficial for our health.
  5. Eating papaya increases the immunity of our body.
  6. Papaya trees are tall and papayas grow in bunches.
  7. Papaya leaf is like a medicine for serious diseases like jaundice.
  8. Papaya has been considered a medicine in Ayurveda.
  9. Medicine is made from papaya leaves.
  10. Consumption of papaya keeps our body healthy and agile.

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  1. Papaya is a fruit that is found almost all over the world.
  2. Why are papayas round?
  3. The color of ripe papaya is deep yellow.
  4. Ripe papaya is cut and eaten by making slices.
  5. Papaya is very tasty and sweet to eat.
  6. The grains found inside papaya are black in color.
  7. Our body gets energy by eating papaya.
  8. Papaya is full of nutrients.
  9. Vitamin A and fiber are found in abundance in papaya.
  10. Eating papaya strengthens our digestive system.


  1. Papaya is a hot effect fruit.
  2. Papaya trees are soft and tall.
  3. Papaya leaves are much bigger than other tree leaves.
  4. Papaya is full of medicinal properties.
  5. Medicine is made from everything from the root to the leaves of papaya.
  6. Papaya is the only tree in which there are male and female trees.
  7. The tree does not have fruits inside the papaya, but only long flowers come from it.
  8. Papaya fruits grow only in female trees.
  9. Papaya strengthens the immunity of our body.
  10. We should consume papaya, it helps in keeping our bodies healthy.

10 lines essay on Papaya in English


  1. How many types of papaya trees are there?
  2. There are two types of papaya trees, male and female. Papaya fruit comes only in the female tree while only long flowers grow in the male tree.

  3. Which is the only tree that has male and female trees?
  4. Papaya tree.

  5. What is the color of the papaya?
  6. The color of raw papaya is green and that of ripe papaya is yellow.

  7. In which disease papaya is used?
  8. Papaya is used for serious diseases like jaundice.

  9. What is papaya called in Hindi?
  10. Papaya is called Papita ( पपीता ) in Hindi.

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