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10 lines on Banana in English

Short essay on Banana in English ( In 3 Formats )


  1. Banana is a type of fruit that is found all over the world.
  2. Banana is long in shape and green in raw and yellow in color when ripe.
  3. Banana tree is made entirely of leaves that do not contain wood.
  4. Banana is very tasty and sweet to eat.
  5. Banana is used both when it is raw and when it is ripe.
  6. Raw bananas are used for making chips, vegetables, and pickles.
  7. Banana is full of many nutrients.
  8. The amount of iron in bananas is very high.
  9. In our country India, bananas are mostly found in South India.
  10. Mainly 2 species of banana are Musa acuminata and Musa balbisiana.

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  1. Banana is a simple fruit that is of two types raw banana and ripe banana.
  2. Raw banana is used as a vegetable.
  3. Ripe bananas are eaten simply by peeling them off.
  4. Raw banana is used along with its peel to make vegetables.
  5. Many people consume banana shakes by mixing bananas in milk.
  6. Banana tree is of small stature and its leaves are very big.
  7. Bananas grow in bunches in their tree.
  8. It is sold in the markets according to the count.
  9. There are many health benefits to eating bananas.
  10. Banana is full of nutrients, in which the amount of iron is the highest.


  1. Banana is a fruit that is eaten by people with great enthusiasm.
  2. The shape of the banana is long and it is yellow in color.
  3. The nutrients present in bananas are very beneficial for our bodies.
  4. Our body gets energy by eating bananas.
  5. Eating bananas is beneficial for our bodies.
  6. Eating bananas increases the immunity of our body.
  7. Iron is found in abundance in bananas.
  8. Banana tree does not have wood, it is without wood.
  9. The stem of the banana tree is very smooth and round in shape.
  10. Banana has a cold effect.

10 lines on Banana in English


  1. What does a banana taste like?
  2. The taste of banana is sweet.

  3. What is a banana called in Hindi?
  4. Banana is called Kela ( केला ) in Hindi.

  5. What is the use of raw bananas?
  6. Vegetable from raw banana is made.

  7. Which tree does not have wood?
  8. There is no wood in the banana tree.

  9. Which tree has the biggest leaves?
  10. The leaves of the banana tree are larger.

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