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Homework…the bane of a student’s existence. Students want nothing more than to be free to do whatever they wish when they are at home. Instead, school piles up homework on them every day.

And most students want to avoid doing it somehow and not get punished. That’s not really an option though, so what they end up doing is completing their homework as fast as possible.

Today we are going to tell you how you can do that with the help of tools and technology. Using computers and the relevant software to do your homework is much faster than manually doing your homework. Today we are going to go over the specific benefits of using a text-to-handwriting converter for doing your homework.

Benefits of using Handwriting Converters

A text-to-handwriting converter is a type of tool that can take digital text and change it to look like natural handwriting. They do it by changing the background to look like paper and the text is altered to look like it was written by someone using a pen.

Such tools are free to use online which makes them suitable for students. In this section, we are going to discuss the advantages of using handwriting converters.

1.      Easy Online Submission

In high school and college, homework assignments often have to be submitted online. Students have to email their assignments to their teacher, or they might have to submit them to a portal of sorts.

This poses a problem where students have to write their assignments by hand and scan them to submit them online. Now scanners are not household appliances, people rarely have scanners in their homes.

So that results in students having to go to a friend’s house, or to a shop that has a scanner. That’s a massive chore and it eats into the student’s free time as well. Instead, what they can do is simply do their assignment on their computer (typing it on a word processor) and then use a handwriting converter such as the one by EditPad, or Microsoft One Note to convert their work into handwritten form. Then they can submit that online without issues.

2.      More Convenient than Actual Handwriting

Another major advantage of using text-to-handwriting converters is that it’s more convenient than manual writing. The most obvious convenience is the faster typing speed. Typing is faster than manual writing for people who are used to it.

It is also less tiring because you don’t have to move your hands so much. Too much writing can result in aching fingers and knuckles. Typing on the other hand does not pose such problems provided that you maintain the correct posture (otherwise you can get wrist and forearm pains).

So, you can type out your homework, convert it to handwriting, and then submit it online. Easy peasy. However, there is another convenience as well. When typing stuff you can use copy-paste mechanics to quickly copy quotes, stats, and figures instead of having to write them manually. That also contributes to the speed of completion of the homework. Of course, if you are using stats, figures, and quotes from other sources remember to cite them so that your homework does not get penalized.

3.      Gives you More Room for Customization

There is more room for customization when you are using a text-to-handwriting converter. You can see what your homework looks like in handwritten form in real-time. So, if you find any issues you can correct them easily.

Handwriting converters also come with a slew of options that can help you customize your work even further.

You can select different styles of handwriting, select different types of pages, ink colors, and even pen types. Of course, you can also change the size of the writing as well. With so many options to deal with, students can complete their homework in a style that is unique to them.

Another benefit of using handwriting converters is that you can easily fix your mistakes. In a handwritten work, you can’t fix your mistakes, you have to go back and redo the entire thing to make it error-free.

At the very least the page you made the mistake on is gone. None of that hassle is there when you type your homework out in a handwriting converter. You can edit all of your mistakes before downloading the output and ensure that your homework is pristine and error-free.

4.      Is More Accessible for People with Writing Disabilities

One of the most useful benefits of using text-to-handwriting converters is that people with learning disabilities such as dysgraphia or dyslexia can use them with relative ease. Learning disabilities make it hard for people to learn how to read and write in the traditional way. They need special care and attention to teach them those things.

The great thing is that typing is much simpler than writing. You don’t need to draw any characters and just have to press a key. Simplicity lends itself to ease of use. Therefore students who have these learning differences can type out their homework digitally and then convert it to handwriting by using the tool.

This ensures that they are included in the normal classroom environment without feeling left out or ostracized. And that is a big benefit of using text-to-handwriting tools, inclusion.


These are some of the advantages of using handwriting converters for completing your homework. This approach is faster and more convenient. It is more inclusive of people with learning difficulties.

It is also more flexible than traditional handwriting since you can edit digital text whenever you like. Since these tools are free, it’s a great option for students to use them.

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