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My role model is a beacon of inspiration in my life. They possess an unwavering determination that fuels their success, yet it’s balanced with genuine humility. What sets them apart is not just their achievements but their kindness and compassion towards others.

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10 lines on my Role Model


10 lines on my Role Model

  1. My role model is Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, India’s former president.
  2. He loved science and encouraged us to dream big.
  3. Kalam was known as the “People’s President” because he cared about everyone.
  1. He taught us to work hard and never give up on our goals.
  2. His simplicity and humility inspire me every day.
  3. Kalam believed in the power of education to transform lives.
  4. He showed us that success comes from determination and dedication.
  5. The “Missile Man” of India, he made our country proud.
  6. Kalam’s books are like treasures of wisdom for young minds.
  7. I want to be like him, making India proud with my hard work and kindness.

10 Lines and sentences on my Role Model

  1. My role model is Sachin Tendulkar, the cricket legend.
  2. He taught us to chase our dreams with passion.
  3. Tendulkar’s dedication to the game is truly inspiring.
  4. His humility and sportsmanship make him a true hero.
  1. Sachin showed us that hard work leads to success.
  2. He faced challenges with a smile, teaching us resilience.
  3. Tendulkar’s records motivate me to excel in what I love.
  4. Like him, I aim to be a team player and a good sport.
  5. The “Little Master” is a role model for all cricket fans.
  6. I dream of making my country proud, just like Sachin did.

10 lines Paragraph on my Role Model

  1. My role model is Mother Teresa, a symbol of kindness.
  2. She spent her entire life caring for those who were poor and unwell.
  3. Mother Teresa’s love for humanity inspires me every day.
  1. Her selfless acts showed the power of compassion.
  2. Teresa believed in making a difference, no matter how small.
  3. I want to spread kindness, just like she did.
  4. Her words, “Do small things with great love,” guide me.
  5. Mother Teresa’s legacy teaches us the importance of empathy.
  6. I aim to be a good person and help those in need.
  7. Like her, I believe in a world where everyone cares for each other.

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10 lines about my Role Model
10 lines about my Role Model

5 lines on my Role Model

  1. My role model is Bhagat Singh, a brave freedom fighter.
  2. He loved India and fought for our freedom with courage.
  3. Bhagat Singh’s patriotism inspires me to be a good citizen.
  4. His words, “Inquilab Zindabad,” mean long live the revolution.
  5. I want to be as brave and love my country as Bhagat Singh.

15 lines on my Role Model

  1. My role model is Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, India’s superhero.
  2. He loved science, just like my favorite subject in school.
  3. Kalam taught me to dream big and aim for the stars.
  4. He was like a president for all of us, the “People’s President,” and he cared about each and every person.
  5. Kalam’s smile and kindness make him a true hero.
  6. He trusted in putting in effort and never giving up on his goals.
  7. The “Missile Man” made cool rockets and satellites.
  8. His books are like magical treasures full of wisdom.
  9. Kalam’s speeches are like exciting adventures for my mind.
  10. I want to be as humble and smart as him one day.
  11. He once shared, “You need to dream first before your dreams can come true.”
  12. Kalam’s life story is like a thrilling science movie.
  13. I love how he talked to students and made us feel special.
  14. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam is my inspiration for being awesome.
  15. I dream of making India proud, just like my hero, Kalam.

20 lines on my Role Model

  1. My role model is Mahatma Gandhi, India’s freedom fighter.
  2. Gandhi believed in peace and non-violence, teaching us to be kind.
  3. He wore simple clothes and lived a simple life, showing us humility.
  4. Gandhiji fought for India’s freedom with love, not weapons.
  5. His spinning wheel symbolizes self-reliance and hard work.
  6. Gandhi’s famous words are, “Be the change you wish to see.”
  7. He taught us that everyone is equal, no matter where they come from.
  8. Gandhiji practiced fasting for a cause, teaching us sacrifice.
  9. He loved animals and said, “The greatness of a nation can be judged by how it treats its animals.”
  10. Mahatma Gandhi is on our currency, a reminder of his importance.
  11. People in India celebrate Gandhi Jayanti on October 2nd to honor and remember Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday.
  12. I admire how he stood up against injustice with courage.
  13. Gandhiji’s glasses and spinning wheel are iconic symbols.
  14. He walked a lot and believed in a healthy, simple life.
  15. Gandhi’s leadership inspired millions during India’s independence movement.
  16. His peaceful protests were called “Satyagraha,” meaning truth-force.
  17. Gandhiji believed education should be for everyone, rich or poor.
  18. His life story teaches us to be honest and truthful.
  19. Mahatma Gandhi’s values are part of India’s rich heritage.
  20. I want to follow Gandhiji’s teachings and make India proud.


Q. Who is Bhagat Singh, and why is he your role model?

Ans: Bhagat Singh was a brave freedom fighter, and he’s my role model because he loved India and fought for our freedom.

Q. What did Bhagat Singh fight for?

Ans: Bhagat Singh fought for India’s freedom from British rule.

Q. Why is Bhagat Singh considered brave?

Ans: Bhagat Singh is considered brave because he stood up against injustice and fought for what he believed in, even facing death with courage.

Q. What does Inquilab Zindabad mean?

Ans: Inquilab Zindabad translates to Long live the revolution. Bhagat Singh used this slogan to express his hope for a free and fair India.

Q. How can I be like Bhagat Singh and love my country?

Ans: To be like Bhagat Singh, you can love your country by being a good citizen, standing up for what is right, and working towards a better India.

In conclusion, my role model stands as a living testament to the values that drive success — a potent blend of determination, humility, and compassion. Their journey inspires me not just to achieve personal milestones but to impact the lives of others positively. We hope! You will get some learning through this article. If you really like this article about my Role Model in English, then please share it with your friends.

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