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10 lines on my dream house


Table of Content

  1. 10 lines essay on my dream house in 3 sets
  2. FAQ Releted to my dream house

Set – 1

  1. My dream house stands nestled in nature’s embrace.
  2. A cozy cottage with a rustic charm, it’s my sanctuary.
  3. Surrounded by lush gardens and vibrant blooms.
  1. Large windows invite sunlight to dance across wooden floors.
  2. A crackling fireplace warms cold winter evenings.
  3. A spacious kitchen for culinary adventures awaits.
  4. Bedrooms adorned with soft colors and plush bedding.
  5. A library with endless shelves of knowledge and stories.
  6. A porch where I can sip tea and watch the world go by.
  7. In my dream house, every corner whispers comfort and peace.

Set – 2

  1. My dream house perches on a serene hilltop.
  2. A modern marvel, with sleek lines and open spaces.
  3. Floor-to-ceiling windows frame breathtaking vistas.
  4. A minimalist kitchen where culinary creations come alive.
  1. Bedrooms with panoramic views for restful nights.
  2. A cinema room for enjoying movies with family and friends.
  3. A rooftop terrace for stargazing and quiet contemplation.
  4. A home gym to stay active and healthy.
  5. Smart technology seamlessly blends with elegant design.
  6. In my dream house, every detail reflects my ideal lifestyle.

Set – 3

  1. My dream house rests by the tranquil seaside.
  2. A charming beach cottage with a weathered look.
  3. Sandy shores and ocean waves are at my doorstep.
  1. An airy, beach-themed interior, filled with natural light.
  2. Bedrooms with sea breeze and calming blue hues.
  3. A porch swing for leisurely afternoons.
  4. A backyard barbecue pit for seafood feasts.
  5. Outdoor showers to rinse off after sandy adventures.
  6. In my dream house, life is a perpetual beach vacation.
  7. It’s where I find serenity and endless summer vibes.

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10 lines about my dream house
10 lines about my dream house

Essay on my dream house in English in 150 Words

My dream house is a tranquil sanctuary nestled in the heart of nature. It’s a charming cottage, adorned with a white picket fence, exuding warmth and timeless elegance.

Surrounded by lush greenery, it features large windows that invite the soft caress of sunlight to dance across its cozy interior. The open-plan kitchen is a chef’s delight, while the bedrooms offer peaceful havens for rest and dreams.

Outside, a babbling brook flows through a backyard oasis, with a hammock swaying beneath ancient oak trees. It’s a place where laughter echoes, memories are born, and happiness finds its forever home—a dream come true in every sense.

5 lines or sentences on my dream house

  1. My dream house is a cozy cabin in the woods.
  2. Surrounded by towering trees, it’s a nature lover’s paradise.
  3. Inside, a rustic fireplace warms the heart.
  4. Large windows frame picturesque views of the forest.
  5. It’s the peaceful haven I’ve always longed for.

15 lines essay on my dream house

  1. My dream house is a tranquil retreat.
  2. Nestled in a lush, green landscape.
  3. A charming cottage with a white picket fence.
  4. It exudes warmth and timeless elegance.
  5. Large windows invite natural light to dance.
  6. The open-plan kitchen is a chef’s delight.
  7. Cozy bedrooms are havens for rest and dreams.
  8. A backyard oasis, with a babbling brook.
  9. A hammock sways beneath ancient oak trees.
  10. In the attic, a cozy reading nook awaits.
  11. A fireplace crackles, filling the air with warmth.
  12. Flower gardens bloom with vibrant colors.
  13. A swing set awaits the laughter of children.
  14. It’s a place where precious memories are created and treasured.
  15. My dream house, where happiness finds its forever home.

20 lines on my dream house in English

  1. My dream house stands tall, a beacon of my aspirations.
  2. A grand entrance, with a door that welcomes with open arms.
  3. Inside, high ceilings create an aura of spaciousness.
  4. Elegant chandeliers cast a warm and inviting glow.
  5. The living room boasts plush sofas and a roaring fireplace.
  6. In the kitchen, marble countertops gleam in the sunlight.
  7. A backyard garden blooms with a riot of colors.
  8. A pool sparkles under the sun’s benevolent gaze.
  9. Bedrooms are havens of peace, each unique in style.
  10. The master suite has a balcony, and a private escape.
  11. A home theater for cinematic adventures with loved ones.
  12. A library lined with bookshelves, a treasure trove of knowledge.
  13. A gym, where fitness goals turn into achievements.
  14. A study with a view, where inspiration knows no bounds.
  15. Solar panels adorn the roof, an eco-friendly touch.
  16. Smart home technology ensures convenience at every turn.
  17. Security is paramount, with cameras and alarms in place.
  18. A serene backyard pond, where koi fish glide gracefully.
  19. Fruit trees bear gifts of nature, year after year.
  20. In my dream house, every detail reflects a life of fulfillment and contentment.


Q. Describe your dream house.

Ans: My dream house is a charming cottage in a serene setting.

Q. Where is your dream house located?

Ans: It’s located amidst lush greenery and nature.

Q. What special features does your dream house have?

Ans: Special features include a cozy fireplace and a backyard oasis.

Q. How do you envision the interior of your dream house?

Ans: Inside, it’s open-plan with a rustic kitchen and peaceful bedrooms.

Q. Why is your dream house important to you?

Ans: My dream house is important as a place of happiness and memories.

Q. What makes your dream house a sanctuary?

Ans: It’s a sanctuary due to its tranquil surroundings and timeless elegance.

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