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10 lines on my classmate


Table of Content

  1. 10 lines essay on my classmate in 3 sets
  2. FAQ Releted to my classmate

Set – 1

  1. My classmate is friendly and always wears a smile.
  2. They’re known for their kindness and helpfulness.
  3. In class, they actively participate and excel in studies.
  1. They have a great sense of humor, making everyone laugh.
  2. My classmate is a good listener and offers support to others.
  3. They’re talented in sports and often lead our team to victory.
  4. Their creativity shines through their art and writing.
  5. My classmate is a reliable and trustworthy friend.
  6. They’re respectful of teachers and classmates alike.
  7. In summary, my classmate is a wonderful person to have in our class.

Set – 2

  1. My classmate is always punctual and organized.
  2. They’re diligent and never shy away from challenges.
  3. In group projects, they’re the ones you can rely on.
  4. My classmate’s fashion sense is always on point.
  1. They’re passionate about environmental issues.
  2. They’re often the voice of reason during debates.
  3. My classmate’s dedication to their studies is impressive.
  4. They’re a role model for academic excellence.
  5. Their positivity is infectious, brightening up the classroom.
  6. In short, my classmate is the kind of person everyone admires.

Set – 3

  1. My classmate has an infectious enthusiasm for learning.
  2. They excel in mathematics and science effortlessly.
  3. Always willing to help, they explain concepts patiently.
  1. My classmate is an avid reader, with a book always in hand.
  2. They organize study sessions to boost our grades.
  3. Their sense of humor lightens up even the dullest lectures.
  4. They’re a talented musician, playing the guitar beautifully.
  5. My classmate’s dedication to community service is inspiring.
  6. They have a warm, inclusive personality that makes everyone feel welcome.
  7. In a nutshell, my classmate is a remarkable individual both academically and personally.

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10 lines about my classmate
10 lines about my classmate

Essay on my classmate in English in 150 Words

My classmate is an exceptional individual who brings a unique blend of qualities to our class. They are not only academically outstanding, consistently achieving top grades, but also possess a warm and friendly demeanor that makes them approachable to all.

In group projects, their creativity and reliability shine through, ensuring our collaborative efforts are successful. Their sense of humor adds a light-hearted touch to even the most serious of classes, making learning enjoyable. Additionally, my classmates’ willingness to assist and support peers demonstrates their kindness and empathy.

They are truly a well-rounded, admirable person who positively influences our classroom environment and fosters a sense of camaraderie among classmates.

5 lines or sentences on my classmate

  1. My classmate is a friendly and cheerful person.
  2. They excel in academics and are always helpful.
  3. In group projects, they’re a reliable team member.
  4. My classmate’s sense of humor adds fun to our class.
  5. They are a well-rounded individual we all admire.

15 lines essay on my classmate

  1. My classmate is a bundle of energy, always ready to participate.
  2. They’re a top-notch student, consistently acing exams.
  3. In group projects, their creativity stands out.
  4. My classmate’s passion for art shines in their sketches.
  5. They’re a dedicated athlete, leading our team to victories.
  6. Their sense of humor keeps the class entertained.
  7. My classmate is the first to offer help when needed.
  8. They’re known for their kindness and empathy.
  9. In debates, their persuasive skills are remarkable.
  10. They’re eco-conscious, advocating for a greener world.
  11. My classmate’s leadership qualities are evident in school clubs.
  12. They’re always willing to listen and support friends.
  13. With an infectious enthusiasm for learning, they inspire us all.
  14. My classmate’s positivity is a ray of sunshine in our class.
  15. In summary, my classmate is a well-rounded, outstanding individual.

20 lines on my classmate in English

  1. My classmate is a ray of sunshine, spreading positivity.
  2. They’re always prepared, with textbooks neatly organized.
  3. In discussions, their insights are thoughtful and valuable.
  4. My classmate’s dedication to studying is truly admirable.
  5. They excel in various subjects, especially mathematics.
  6. Their artistic talents shine in the classroom decorations.
  7. In sports, they’re agile and a star on the field.
  8. My classmate is everyone’s go-to for homework help.
  9. They organize charity drives and encourage giving back.
  10. Their jokes and humor keep the class laughing.
  11. My classmate’s kindness extends to classmates in need.
  12. They’re a role model for hard work and perseverance.
  13. With an infectious smile, they brighten up our day.
  14. My classmate is an eloquent speaker in-class presentations.
  15. They’re eco-conscious, promoting sustainability.
  16. Their leadership skills shine during group projects.
  17. My classmate’s enthusiasm for learning is contagious.
  18. They embody teamwork, fostering collaboration.
  19. With compassion and empathy, they’re a true friend.
  20. In short, my classmate is the heart and soul of our class.


Q. How would you describe your classmate?

Ans: My classmate is a remarkable individual in our class.

Q. What are some of their standout qualities?

Ans: They stand out for their academic excellence, creativity, and friendliness.

Q. How do they contribute to group projects?

Ans: They contribute with creativity and reliability in group projects.

Q. What role does their sense of humor play in class?

Ans: Their sense of humor adds a fun element to our classes.

Q. How do they support and assist their peers?

Ans: They support their peers by offering help and being empathetic.

Q. What impact do they have on the classroom environment?

Ans: They create a positive, friendly atmosphere in our classroom.

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