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10 lines about Hamster


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  2. FAQ Releted to Hamster

Set – 1

  1. Hamsters are small rodents commonly kept as pets.
  2. They have soft fur and come in various colors and patterns.
  3. Hamsters are known for their round bodies and short tails.
  1. They are primarily nocturnal animals, being most active during the night.
  2. Hamsters have pouches in their cheeks to store and carry food.
  3. They enjoy burrowing and building elaborate tunnels in their habitats.
  4. Hamsters have a relatively short lifespan, usually living for about two to three years.
  5. They are omnivorous creatures and eat a diet consisting of seeds, fruits, vegetables, and insects.
  6. Hamsters are social animals and can form close bonds with their human owners.
  7. They are popular pets due to their small size, low maintenance requirements, and cute and playful nature.

Set – 2

  1. Hamsters belong to the rodent family and are often kept as pets.
  2. They have adorable, fluffy coats that come in various colors and patterns.
  3. Hamsters are small in size, with round bodies and short tails.
  4. These nocturnal creatures are most active during the night.
  1. Hamsters have cheek pouches that they use to store and transport food.
  2. They love to dig and create intricate burrows in their habitats.
  3. The average lifespan of a hamster is around two to three years.
  4. They have an omnivorous diet, enjoying a mix of seeds, fruits, vegetables, and insects.
  5. Hamsters can form strong bonds with their human caregivers and enjoy interactive playtime.
  6. Their small size, low maintenance needs, and adorable nature make them popular pets.

Set – 3

  1. Hamsters are small, furry rodents often kept as pets.
  2. They have round bodies, short legs, and cute, twitching noses.
  3. Hamsters are primarily active at night and sleep during the day.
  1. They enjoy exploring and running on exercise wheels in their cages.
  2. Hamsters have sharp teeth that continuously grow and need to be kept in check.
  3. These little creatures are known for their ability to hoard food in their nests.
  4. Hamsters communicate through squeaks, chirps, and body language.
  5. They are solitary animals and prefer to live alone in their own habitats.
  6. Hamsters are relatively low-maintenance pets, requiring regular food, water, and clean bedding.
  7. Their playful antics and cuddly appearance make them delightful companions.

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10 lines about Hamster
10 lines about Hamster


Q. What do hamsters eat?

Ans: Hamsters eat a diet of seeds, fruits, vegetables, and insects.

Q. How long do hamsters live?

Ans: Hamsters typically live for about two to three years.

Q. Can hamsters be kept together?

Ans: It is generally best to keep hamsters individually as they can be territorial.

Q. Are hamsters good pets for children?

Ans: Hamsters can make good pets for children, but adult supervision is necessary.

Q. How often should I clean a hamster’s cage?

Ans: It is recommended to clean a hamster’s cage at least once a week.

Q. Do hamsters need exercise?

Ans: Yes, hamsters require regular exercise through the use of exercise wheels and toys.

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