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10 lines on Guinea Fowl


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  1. 10 lines essay on Guinea fowl in 3 sets
  2. FAQ Releted to Guinea fowl

Set – 1

  1. Guinea fowl are small, wild birds native to Africa.
  2. They have distinctive speckled feathers in black and white.
  3. These birds are known for their loud and unique calls.
  1. Guinea fowl are social creatures, often found in flocks.
  2. They have a keen sense of alertness and act as natural alarm systems for farms.
  3. Guinea fowl are omnivores, feeding on insects, seeds, and small reptiles.
  4. They can be domesticated and are sometimes raised for their meat and eggs.
  5. Their eggs have a unique flavor, different from chicken eggs.
  6. These birds are excellent for pest control in gardens and agricultural fields.
  7. Guinea fowl are hardy and adaptable, thriving in various environments.

Set – 2

  1. Guinea fowl are known for their quirky and entertaining behavior.
  2. They are excellent runners and can quickly escape predators on foot.
  3. These birds have a strong sense of hierarchy within their flocks.
  4. Guinea fowl feathers are used in crafts and decorations.
  1. They are relatively low-maintenance birds, requiring minimal care.
  2. Guinea fowl have a lifespan of around 10 years in the wild.
  3. These birds roost in trees at night for protection.
  4. They have a unique dust-bathing ritual to keep their plumage clean.
  5. Guinea fowl have been introduced to other parts of the world for ornamental purposes.
  6. These birds are often associated with bringing good luck in some cultures.

Set – 3

  1. The guinea fowl have a distinctive helmet-like bony structure on their heads.
  2. They are excellent foragers, searching for food in the undergrowth.
  3. Guinea fowl are monogamous birds, forming long-term pairs.
  1. They are natural insect hunters, helping control pest populations.
  2. These birds have a strong territorial instinct and may be protective of their nesting areas.
  3. Guinea fowl eggs have a harder shell than chicken eggs.
  4. They are diurnal creatures, most active during the day.
  5. The guinea fowl’s call is often described as a “buck-wheat” sound.
  6. These birds can fly short distances but prefer running to escape danger.
  7. Guinea fowl feathers have been used in traditional costumes and rituals in some African cultures.

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10 lines about Guinea fowl
10 lines about Guinea fowl


Q. What are Guinea fowl?

Ans: Guinea fowl are small, wild birds with speckled feathers.

Q. Where are they native to?

Ans: They are native to Africa.

Q. Can they be domesticated?

Ans: Yes, Guinea fowl can be domesticated.

Q. What do they eat?

Ans: They eat insects, seeds, and small reptiles.

Q. Are they good for pest control?

Ans: Yes, they are excellent for pest control.

Q. How long do they live?

Ans: In the wild, they live around 10 years.

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