Arrant Definition: Understanding a Rarely Used Yet Expressive Term


The term “arrant” is a less commonly used word in the English language, but it carries a certain gravitas and expressiveness when employed in speech or writing. “Arrant” is an adjective that conveys the idea of something being complete, utter, or extreme in a particular quality, often with a negative or pejorative connotation. In this article, we will explore the definition of “arrant,” its characteristics, and its infrequent yet impactful usage in language.

Defining Arrant

“Arrant” is an adjective that is used to emphasize the extreme or total nature of a particular quality or condition. It often conveys a sense of thoroughness, absoluteness, or even excessiveness. While it is not a commonly used word, its rarity makes it all the more potent when employed.

Characteristics of Arrant

Arrant has several distinct characteristics:

  1. Emphasis: It is used to emphasize the extreme nature of a quality or condition, often with a negative or critical undertone.
  2. Rare Usage: Arrant is not commonly used in everyday conversation or writing, which can make it stand out when used deliberately.
  3. Amplification: It serves to amplify the impact of an adjective or description, intensifying the meaning.
  4. Pejorative Potential: Depending on the context, arrant can carry a pejorative or critical tone, suggesting that the quality or condition being described is extreme to an undesirable degree.

Examples of Arrant

  1. Arrant Fool: This phrase describes someone as an “arrant fool,” emphasizing their extreme foolishness.
  2. Arrant Nonsense: When someone dismisses a statement as “arrant nonsense,” they are indicating that they consider it to be not just nonsense but extreme or complete nonsense.
  3. Arrant Hypocrisy: This phrase is used to highlight extreme hypocrisy, implying that the person’s actions are not just hypocritical but egregiously so.

Usage in Literature and Expressive Writing

Arrant is occasionally employed in literature and expressive writing to add depth and emphasis to descriptions and characterizations. Writers may choose to use it when they want to convey a heightened sense of extremeness or to criticize something in a particularly strong manner.


“Arrant” may be a less frequently used word in the English language, but its unique ability to emphasize and amplify the extreme nature of a quality or condition makes it a valuable addition to one’s vocabulary. While it is not commonly used in everyday conversation, it can be a powerful tool for writers and speakers seeking to make a bold and impactful statement. Its rarity lends it an air of significance and intensity, allowing it to leave a lasting impression when appropriately employed.

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